Project Team

design: Space Cubed Design Studio
fitout: S&S Shopfitting


lighting: Edison Light Globes
furniture: Crank Furniture Co.
recycled bricks: Eco Group
timber clad ceiling: Havwoods Timbers
crimped wire mesh: Locker Group
flooring: Acoustic Flooring

The design took its inspiration from Steam Punk Culture and the prohibition years of the 1920’s. Out of this sprung and entire new underground scene of pop up bars housed in basements, warehouses, and secret spaces known to only those “In the know”. Elements of this underground culture are represented in the use of exposed brick walls, worn leather booth seating, raw steel cladding, large industrial style fans, and custom made steel drum lights suspended from the ceiling. The concept behind the menu is “dirty food made clean” and the steel clad wall of the kitchen forms a sleek backdrop for the moody interior. The kitchen itself, dubbed as the “engine room” is wrapped with industrial piping, with the culinary activity within, acting like a well oiled machine.

The designers wanted The Loose Moose to stand out from other North American inspired venues, and take the design to the next level. This was achieved in the detailing, right down to the furniture and lighting selections, drawing on the aesthetic style of Steampunk culture. There is a large focus on back-lit perforated steel and custom made installations which are incorporated throughout the interior space. Many hours were spent sourcing and hand selecting the cogs, gauges and vintage hardware that went into the making of the large wall clock and pipe installations.

A Canadian-imported taxidermy trophy moose head holds pride of place over the bar.

Four Cage Horizontal Tube Bulb Pendant

A complex pendant that would be suited over a special table or booth type location. It has four sold brass handmade adjustable reflectors that will provide a warm soft light downwards.

Edison Light Globes