Project Team

design: Dimitri Papaevagorou


plants and greenery: Floribella
furniture: Arc cabinetmaking & Arc Furniture, Life Interiors
wall panels: 3D Wall Panels
signage: Signwave

Located amongst one of Sydney’s most iconic suburbs, Greek Feast Bondi brings a new and exciting opportunity to enjoy contemporary greek fusion, casual dining or take away in the comfort of your home.

Beginning this project automatically gave its own challenges of time and budget while still trying to give the space the ambiance and feel it needs. Greek Feast Bondi embodies a contemporary design whilst  implementing a Grecian influence into the design. The store is based on an outside setting covered by a canopy which incorporates plants and greenery. Colours and materials have been updated to present a clean and minimal feel whilst still keeping the essence of its theme.

The establishment features custom pendant lightings which represent grape branches. The third wall panels represent multiple themes, particularly the column feature which was implemented to pay a homage to the Greek architecture inspiring the cuisine of Greek Feast Bondi. All themes have been customised to provide a contemporary yet mediterranean atmosphere.

Arcs 60mm wall panels

The Arcs 60mm is a custom made modification of an existing 3D wall panel design requested by a designer. The flexibility by 3D Wall Panels to modify the pattern allowed the designer to fulfil her vision and the clients wishes for the theme of the store.

3D Wall Panels