Project Team

design: Blackmilk Interior Design


furniture: BCI Furniture, RelaxHouse
lighting: Italstyle Lighting Design
fabric: Baresque
stone: CaesarStone

The intention behind Mama Rumaan was to create a colourful interior, for a colourful cuisine. “Rumaan” referring to Pomegranate in Arabic, was a main inspiration behind this.

Set in the old industrial sheds in Docklands, it was important to make sure that the idea pomegranate and industrial features co-exist. This was achieved by creating a curved cage room to sit within the space of the restaurant to create rooms within a room. These curved cage rooms integrate complex forms through coloured woven rope to create pomegranates that sit within the steel wire frame.

The intricacy of the detailing in the woven rope intends to represent Middle Eastern Food with its complex flavours.

Signage goes hand in hand with the concept, created bold and bright type to represent true Middle Eastern culture.