Martin RUSH for Scary Canary

The Scary Canary is Sydney’s most popular destination for backpackers looking for a fun night out, and it usually doesn’t matter which day of the week it is. What drives so many to pick Scary Canary for their night out is the different themed nights including foam nights.

Any gear that gets installed into this venue has to be ready every night of the week and be able to take a bit of a thumping! No wonder the guys at TAVSA (Technical Audio Visual Systems Australia) decided to install Martin RUSH fixtures.

“We chose four RUSH MH5 profiles and four RUSH MH3 beams to compliment the system already in the venue,” said Alasdair Lockhart-Thomson from TAVSA. “We really like that they are low maintenance and have a low trim height so that they tuck up into the ceiling nicely. The power output from them, for their size, is quite impressive. The eight of them give us great coverage across the dancefloor, good effects against the mirror ball and also the rest of the room.”

Control is via a Martin LightJockey system.

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