Masterclass in Brass with Axolotl

Brass finishes have become prominent in the design and home-wares sphere over the past twelve months. There has been a move away from the high shine and even finish of gold and chrome towards metals with warmer aesthetic; softer more appealing tones such as brass and bronze that can be treated with beautiful texture and patina.

Brass is a dynamic metal that has transcended design styles over the decades, from vintage, to industrial and contemporary. Today we provide a masterclass in how to incorporate brass for brilliant effect in your next project, no matter the style.

Right, hardy 1.2mm thick Brass Sheet metal was aged with a Brown Florentine and wrapped around the counter for the recent AHL fit out designed by Nic Graham & Associates.

The brass counter is glamorous without being ostentatious. Fused in a palate of natural stone, neutral tones and warm ambient lighting, the brass metal enhances the rich, moody feel of the space.

This project also features an Axolotl Brass three-dimensional feature wall with integrated lighting. Spanning the length of the hallway and covering over 130m2, the applied brass finish in a fine lunar texture with Florentine ageing offers a soft and organic element that unifies the design of the central foyer.

The Ovolo in Woolloomooloo recently underwent a major re-design by our friends at Hassell Studio. Here Axolotl Brass with a hi-cut polished effect was used over the reception desk and fluted concierge desk, as well as on fluted planter bases and in the kitchen. Mixed with Axolotl Concrete Shale, lime washed timbers and black accents, this design exemplifies how to design with Brass with a fresh, modern approach.

Our Brass metal was left unsealed for this particular project, meaning that with time the brass will take on its own unique patination. We love this effect, it gives the rich lustre of polished brass, while the metals appearance will continue to evolve and be shaped by its interaction with its environment.

One example of clever design with our materials is shown in the reception counter that incorporates two textures within the brass hob. A textured lunar finish was applied to the top face to help disguise daily wear and tear, and this texture fades out to a smooth polished front to match with the surrounding brass coated planter pots.

An example of a more traditional approach with brass is shown in the screens pictured right. These fine MDF screens are coated in an aged Brass Florentine finish and have been applied as a decorative element onto the doors in the recent Langham Hotel revamp by GA design.

The new interiors are classic, with lots of soft grey, textured fabrics and metal accents. “I think this is the only hotel in Sydney with such a strictly classic interior,” says Su Ball, executive director of London-based design firm GA Design, who oversaw the refurbishment.

The projects showcased here today exemplify the different effects that can be achieved when using brass and you can rest assured that you will find the perfect accent for your next design with us. Selecting from our range of textures, polish levels and aged effects you can customise a brilliant look for your next project.