Project Team

design: Luchetti Krelle
av: JVG Sound Lighting & Visual 


furniture: Lincoln Brooks, Thonet, Own World, Café Culture

M&G Cafe and Bar forms part of the ongoing upgrade to the venue’s food and beverage quarter.

Tucked away neatly under the mezzanine, the site was originally home to a popular and successful cafe/restaurant of over 20 years. As with its predecessor, M&G serves as a venue for guests of the hotel to enjoy breakfast before a day of adventure, and then trade on through to a late-night venue as a bar and late night supper venue.

This requirement for a flexible space made for a challenging brief. We set out to create a focal point within a busy resort complex that offers a sense of calm and retreat.

To meet the demand for an almost 24hr venue, our concept for M&G is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Parisian Bistro. A venue for all times of the day that is not only approachable for a varied mix of diners, but also provides a sense of occasion.

A vaulted ceiling was created to provide a sense of intimacy, and then extended into the atrium in the form of a skeletal structure, fabricated with steel. The structure shelters diners and gives the bar presence and place. Illuminated bentwood mirrors wrap the perimeter refracting glimpse of the entire space, adding to the sense of luxury.

The space is sleek and sophisticated. Natural stone, bespoke furniture and intimate lighting ensures its coastal setting is celebrated while a strong use of colour ensures a sense of maturity.

We have met the challenge of a venue whose visual character does not alter however its function changes with each required service period by the clever selection of fixtures, fittings and furniture that provide M&G patrons a venue that can be enjoyed by either a single guest or celebrated by a group of friends.

JVG Sound Lighting & Visual installed Bose FreeSpace 3 recessed subs and surface mount satellite cube speakers. The system is driven by J Audio digital CS2500v amplifiers with Crestron TSW-1060 touch panels for control.


Bose FreeSpace 3

High-performance, extended-range systems designed for small to medium-sized installed applications requiring high fidelity and extended bandwidth reproduction of voice and music. Surface and flush components can be mixed and matched to provide greater flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.