Project Team

design: BrandWorks

Photographer: Brook James


lighting: Ambience Lighting
cork ceiling tiles: Cork Floors
cabinetry: Gunnersens

As Mr Huang Jin was an existing restaurant, moving to a new location, it was important that there was a sense of familiarity with the existing brand in the new interior, but that it was also connected to the new space. Taking inspiration from the existing logo, designed by Universe, which incorporates the main cooking utensil of the food, the dumpling steamer basket, we used this as a reference for our design, turning the steamer basket pattern into a 3D form. This formed the foundation for our design, including the lighting, with its linear detailing, and the seamless joinery free of handles. The angular timber screens were used intentionally to cast soft, linear shadows on the walls to contribute to the warm and airy ambience.

To emphasise the natural and simplistic feel we predominantly chose to work with plywood and concrete, giving it a simple finish. The black plastic-knobbed chairs are exceptionally comfortable and were actually brought from the old site. They were such a hit at the old location that we decided to incorporate them into the new design to create a sense of familiarity. Unique features of the site include its floor to ceiling windows on two of the four walls, and the three separate entrances to the restaurant. We had to ensure that we made effective use of the windows and flow of the space, finding a good balance between kitchen space, as the dumplings are handmade onsite, and maximizing seating for table service. To continue with the idea of openness, we designed an open bar for the staff to have more personal contact with customers.