Project Team

Architect: DP Architects
Interior Design: Ministry of Design

Housed in a traditional conservation shop house located in the heart of Chinatown, the New Majestic Hotel features an emphasis on strong design, local culture and the Arts.

The new hotel aims to be a beacon of the “New Asia” genre of hotel where history is blended with modernity, international design with local inspiration – a cutting-edge product of our time.

The interior design is a joint collaboration by DP Architects as well as, Colin Seah of Ministry of Design.

From the open concept period-inspired lobby with restored vintage Compton fans to the dramatic pool with glass inserts floating above the restaurant, to the selection of period colonial furniture from Singapore in the 1920s- 1960s, New Majestic Hotel is a stunning and eclectic mix of heritage chic.

30 Unique Rooms
Each of the New Majestic’s 30 rooms are different, from the mix of vintage and designer furniture
through to the customized baths. Room highlights include suites with private gardens, attic style rooms with loft beds in six-meter high ceilings. There are a mix of four key types of design rooms:

The Mirror Room – where the design highlight is continuous ribbon of mirrors that begin on the walls,
climbing up and on the ceiling, and returning to the ground to form a bedhead – “Watch and be watched”!

The Hanging Bed Room – where murals span whole walls, and are artistically integrated with the space of the room. These murals form the bed-head behind a modern re-interpretation of the classic four-poster bed.

The Aquarium Room – With the bathroom usually tucked away in a typical hotel room, the Majestic
now celebrates bathing through a glass-encased central bathtub feature in the middle of the room. Upon entering this room, the glass bathtub ‘Aquarium’ is a visual window to the sleeping space, balcony and views beyond.

The Loft Room – Whether lounging on a designer couch or soaking in the twin vintage tubs, the loft room merges sensuous and relaxing activities in a singular dwelling space. Resting on slender columns, the sleeping chamber floats above in a light filled attic space – celebrating the unique architectural qualities of the classic Singaporean Shophouse.

9 Singapore Artists
Local artists for a local hotel – New Majestic Hotel has collaborated with Asian Art Options to create and integrate an element of local Art into the hotel’s spaces through nine of Singapore’s emerging artists: Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (aka Dyn), Andre Tan, Lee Meiling, Heleston Chew, Tay Bee Aye, Kng Mian Tze, Miguel Chew, Sandra Lee and Justin Lee.

All artwork featured is original, site-specific and fully-integrated into the spaces, working with the hotel’s unique room types. Each of the wall mural artworks has been designed specifically for the living space of The New Majestic hotel room. From upside-down anamorphic messages which can only be viewed when guests lie on specific parts of the hanging bed, to joyful pop art murals that are a sumptious mix of Eastern and Western icons, to a giant goldfish mural floating in a room that plays with dimensions by situating the guest inside the tank, and scenes of nostalgia from bygone Singapore, each of the art works in the hotel has been carefully selected to complement the Majestic room experience.

5 Design Concept Rooms
As a highlight within the hotel, New Majestic also features five rooms personalized by top creative
individuals from unique disciplines. Each of the personalities have been given free-rein over their
individual rooms – from flooring selection, to colour of walls, and personalized interior decoration.

These special concept rooms are a tribute and showcase of Singapore’s creativity and design
vision to international media and visitors.