Project Team

design: DiMase Architects

Photos: Trevor Mein


furniture: PGR Furniture
tiles: Academy Tiles
lighting: Lights Lights Lights

After having designed two previous sites for New York Minute Burgers, DiMase Architects was commissioned to spear-head the creation of the franchise’s first ever restaurant within a shopping center.

The experiences of working with the client in the past and completing two very successful sites with a distinctive street presence, meant that they were able to experiment and enhance the brand experience of the burger chain in this new environment even further.

It was of the upmost importance that their design created the best possible New York Minute Burgers brand experience, ensuring that practical service and kitchen areas worked efficiently in serving customers with the most delicious burgers on offer.

Now limited the an indoor site, our structural design sought a practical floor plan catering to the preparation and service process, separating these staffed areas from the comfortable dinning space, opening onto Highpoint’s heavily populated walkway.

By opening the dining and ordering desk to the flow of foot traffic, the design quite literally draws customers into the restaurant space through its curving structural walls.

Hinged upon the ‘New York Burger’ experience, our design sought inspiration from the 1930s American Diner and the old-class interior finishes of puffed booths and shiny surfaces. It was with a re-interpretation of this old-glamour for the modern world that we were able to create a comical yet authentic restaurant space, acting as a time machine to the time of top hats and long coats.

Not only a time machine, but a teleportation site, the restaurant is distinctly New York with features such as underground maps and skyline silhouettes.

It is through a pragmatic approach to structural design and a keen eye for authentic and consistent brand features that DiMase has created a store not only for the client and their workers but for the public, satisfying a want for another time, another place, and another burger.