Nightlife at The Newport

Nightlife’s Creative Music Team hand-pick and curate playlists designed to evolve with a venue throughout the day and night – whether it’s a new fitness studio with a big vision or an iconic family venue like The Newport (

Leading Sydney based hospitality operator Merivale partnered with Nightlife Music to deliver a unique venue soundtrack suitable to its broad, culturally diverse and music savvy family demographic. Having everyone on the same page with a brief like this is critical. Working with The Newport’s Entertainment Director, Martin Smith and having Spotify as the common platform gave everyone involved clarity and control over the direction of the final soundtrack.

The first step in defining an entertainment solution for The Newport, was identifying the venue’s key features and touch points to understand it’s unique brand.

“Once we’ve captured the verbal brief we then like to use reference tracks to reinforce this” says Nightlife Music Director Matt Lymbury. “This allows us to get a much clearer view on the requirements… and avoid the challenges you sometimes have with communicating about styles and genres of music – words sometimes aren’t enough!”. Through their partnership with Spotify, Nightlife was able to match the venue’s Spotify selections with the corresponding commercially licensed tracks on the Nightlife system. This provided a core selection of tracks that were then built upon to deliver the perfect ‘on-brand’ soundtrack.

“This process really helped us understand what the foundations of the soundtrack needed to be as the venue evolved throughout the day and the week.” said Smith. “As a result, (the entertainment solution) is highly adaptable. It works really well with our live acts too, helping to keep a seamless vibe in the venue”.

Crafting the optimal ‘sound’ for The Newport was critical to the venue. Located in a very creative pocket of Australia, the venue attracts a huge array of musicians and artists.

“They know what quality music is…we couldn’t give them anything less than the best,” says Smith.