Nightlife Music partners with Spotify

Nightlife Music, in partnership with Spotify, has announced the launch of crowdDJ®; the latest innovation in music entertainment set to close the gap between the at-home and in-venue music experience.

crowdDJ® is a modern-day jukebox empowering the crowd to engage with and personalise a venue’s music offering in real time. Using the free app on your mobile device or an in-venue kiosk as your remote control, you can choose a song or connect your Spotify to request your favourite tunes from the venues’ licensed library of tracks.

Key Features:

  • Consumers can connect their Spotify to Nightlife’s music platform in participating venues (currently available in 250+ venues nationally, expanding to 1,000 by Spring 2016)
  • Be the DJ:  individuals can choose their favourite songs to play in-venue, in real-time
  • Like the music you heard? Venue-goers can save the playlist to their Spotify account to relive the experience at home
  • Promotional Video:

Poised to revolutionise venue entertainment nationwide, crowdDJ® is powered by Nightlife Music and backed by Spotify, the world’s largest and most successful music streaming service of its kind.

Key players within the hospitality and music industries were the first to experience the crowdDJ® music platform at the official after-party of the 2016 Pub Leader’s Summit held in Sydney overnight.

Kate Vale, Managing Director of Spotify Australia & New Zealand, says, “crowdDJ® is an exciting new technology and best-in-class use of our API, designed to enrich and personalise your music experience from home to venue.”

“People invest many hours into discovering, curating, and listening to music on our platform. crowdDJ® gives those same people the ability to be the DJ, and listen to their fave tunes with friends in a public venue. We‘re thrilled to support such an innovative collaboration and believe music fans across Australia will fall in love with it.” adds Vale.

David O’Rourke, CEO of Nightlife Music, says another standout feature of crowdDJ® is that it allows customers to save a venue’s playlist to their Spotify account to relive the venue experience at home.

“Customers love having their music played at their local venue, and now they can play their venue’s music at home…(it’s) a big opportunity for venues to re-connect with patrons in their own homes which hasn’t been easily achievable until now,” says O’Rourke.

The bridge between the at-home and in-venue music experience, O’Rourke says crowdDJ® will promote growth across the hospitality and music industries through increased customer engagement.

“Venues will start to see longer dwell times and repeat patronage…in turn, the music industry will see greater awareness and adoption of high quality music services like Spotify for home, and Nightlife Music for business,” says O’Rourke. “Subsequently, these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists.”

For venues interested in crowdDJ®, O’Rourke says the system is easily integrated with your existing Nightlife Music system – currently in over 3,000 venues throughout Australia and New Zealand. He adds hoteliers will always be in ultimate control of the venue music experience. crowdDJ® invites your customers to contribute, but equally ensures the brand you’ve worked so hard to establish remains intact.

“But venues shouldn’t be afraid to let customers drive. After all, your brand is the people that frequent your venue and the memories they create,” says O’Rourke.

Already operating in over 250 venues nationally as part of a beta testing phase, this new music network will expand to over 1,000 venues by spring 2016 and includes gyms, pubs, bars and other leisure outlets.