Nightlife’s simultaneous listening party for Lorde

Run a Lorde listening party for “Melodrama” in your venue

Lorde’s highly anticipated new album, Melodrama, will be released on Friday June 16 2017. Following the success of her last album, which went triple-platinum, this album is set to be one of the most exciting releases of the year.

Nightlife client exclusive

Nightlife are offering you, our hospitality clients the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest ever simultaneous listening party by playing Melodrama live on its worldwide release date. This listening party initiative will be hosted in partnership with Universal Music Australia and Spotify.

Hosting an album listening party allows you to connect with Lorde’s fan base, in the early part of a Friday evening, as a precursor to a crowdDJ® party into the night.

  • There is no additional fee for you to host a listening party;
  • You simply play the album into your venue through Nightlife’s crowdDJ® media player, which is licensed specifically for commercial use to ensure artists get rightly paid for their music;
  • In addition to receiving the album immediately, you will also have access to a host of visual content to play on your screens during the event;
  • We will provide a pre-event promo pack with images & copy for you to use in social media to promote the event to your customer base;
  • Participating venues will have crowdDJ® activated on their account free of charge so they can run a crowdDJ® party immediately after the album plays. NB: crowdDJ® will remain activated after the event;
  • The number of participating venues is limited. Registrations close on Thursday June 1st, 2017 at 5pm.
About the Lorde phenomenon
  • Lorde has a massive and highly engaged fan base – largely made up of millennials
  • Her latest single released ahead of the album, “Green Light” has now clocked up close to 120 million streams on Spotify in only 4 weeks!
  • Spotify: 14.9 Million monthly listeners
  • Facebook: 6.6 Million likes
  • Instagram: 5 Million followers

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