No wobbly tables please, enough is enough!

The furniture you select for your restaurant is as important as the rest. Creative drinks? Appetizing menu? Excellent customer service? Great! Now you don’t want your customers to leave your place with a negative opinion just because your furniture isn’t great. Just because your tables are wobbly, for instance.

Unstable tables are one of the worst things that can happen when visiting a restaurant and we don’t quite understand why so many places carry on blissfully ignoring that issue.

We’d like to encourage you to address that problem today and have a very simple solution we think you should consider. Discover today Flat Technology, a multi-award-winning technology that allows you to instantly level your table bases, stabilise your tables and align your table tops.

This worldwide-patented technology is unique and delivers functionality and cost savings never seen before in the hospitality industry. Composed of 2 simple elements, it is extremely easy to install and use. Images speak louder than words, so we invite you to watch this 3-minute video and see by yourself.

With this fantastic Flat Technology system, you will never have a wobbly table problem again! You will improve your customers’ experience and increase return business.

Have a look at Cafeideas website today and discover our extensive range of table base options. Table and bar table bases are available, you will surely find what you need.