Project Team

design: Design Ideas


furniture: Kettal, Raw Edge, Join
lighting: Kettal, Creative Lighting Solutions, Inlite
feature wall: Painted Earth
tiles: Surface Australia, Ceramo

The visual seduction of the ocean with the epicurean experience drawing inspiration from the beach bars of Bali, Mexico & the Greek Islands.

Elements such as sandy stone floors, driftwood like timbers, burnished bronzes & rusticated copper, combining metallic reflective surfaces with hues of the aquamarine sea and the molten golds of the sunset was key to the design.

The union of these colours arouse harmonious feelings, good friendships, happiness & prosperity. A diverse furniture arrangement allows areas to be used for either informal gatherings, intimate dining or casual café style. Furniture is used to create the different areas, such as the lower lounge areas with the higher tables and stools behind to take advantage of the views.

To enable more space for the front of house (dining area), areas such as the toilets, cool room, plant, office and staff rooms were modified and the floor dropped so as to create a mezzanine.

Harder surfaces were used in conjunction with softer timbers and reflective metals to create warmth whilst maintaining the modern image.

Colours are of the aquamarine waters with the golden metallics that reflect a sunset, combined these with stoney floors and the texture of driftwood like timbers.

Some of the lights are handmade clay with gold inner, other prismatic glass in amazing shapes and suspended copper tubes, visually they are all stunning. They create a visually pleasing look to a somewhat uninteresting ceiling space. The timber crosses provide a platform for these lights. Varying the level of illumination helps to create more interesting areas. Also strip lighting define the counter areas.

Special features include a Fresco metallic feature wall finish, tiled mosaic entry wall, suspended timber crosses and the timber benches around the trees.