Prototype at Jacobys Tiki Bar

The Tiki Bar owners have a love for the quintessential “Tiki Bar” after travelling the United States, and wanted to bring their love for Tiki to Sydney. Prototype was approached to custom manufacture the banquette seating to offer a relax and space-efficient solution.

With a confined space and a clear vision, Prototype was tasked to custom manufacture a banquette seat that is comfortable and still space-efficient. The overall aesthetics of the furniture needed to be deep, rich colours to complement the Tiki style.

Prototype and Tiki worked together to conceptualize the U shape of the booth seating, with the classic booth curls at the end. The foundation’s hero a dark wood to match the rest of the decor. Made with a high-quality commercial foam and premium leather finishing, the booth seating was an exceptional choice for a confined space.

Together with the walnut Vienna high stools, tiki totems, velvet curtains, black and white floorings, the owners of Jacobys Tiki Bar have created a warm and welcoming Tiki Oasis in Sydney.