Prototype left of Field

Left of Field, Rhodes, entices its customers from the comfort of their beds for a breath of fresh air, a soothing sip of morning coffee, and a greeting breakfast bite. Left of Field is always spot-on with food. From delicate fruity flavours to meaty morsels, salty, savoury, crunchy, or creamy, it’s the best of brunch. The merry menu continues through lunch until 3pm and sweet treats sit tantalisingly at the counter for an impulsive indulgence. Prototype worked with the café to help provide a look as fresh and fashionable as their menu.

The brief for this project was to dish up a fresh, simple, tasteful daytime dining design for this inner Sydney eatery.

Prototype supplied several popular chair and stool models to maximise space and style with minimalist design. The Transit Chair was the main chair supplied for this project. A highly versatile piece, this epoxy coated steel rod and steel seat chair put its outdoor capabilities to good use on the balcony of the chic café. Easy to clean and pair with existing pieces, this chair will retain its effortless sophistication through rain, hail, or shine.

Prototype paired these slimline seats with custom laminate top outdoor tables in square and rounded variations. The custom tables boast a bright white and feature slots for the practicality of drainage. These are supported by strong, 4 Way Nook Table Bases, powder coated in black.

The plywood UVU Chair features inside. Custom coloured to co-ordinate with the venue, these chairs are simple and sturdy. These chairs are tucked around Prototype custom European Oak timber table tops 32mm thick with black 4 Way Nook Tables Bases to match the exterior custom tables.

By the window, the Prop High Stool with backrests sits beneath tall breakfast benches that look out over the local city scene. Coated in sleek black these plywood stools are the perfect height to settle in for a warm cappuccino with foamy latte art and a generously infused caramel donut.

The end result is a crisply colour co-ordinated café where the colourful dishes and fantastic flavours aren’t overpowered by the décor. It is a fresh, modern design with a generous sprinkle of functionality.