Prototype at Wollongong’s Steelers Club

Prototype supplied and created customised seating using their comprehensive range of quality products for the newly renovated Steelers Club, located at the centre of Wollongong’s sporting and entertainment hub.

The Brief

To remain true to the Steelers Club’s authentic style, Prototype produced customised furniture themed with the vibrant colours – commanding purples and plums, and zesty yellows – alongside distinctive pattern designs exclusive to the venue’s sporty vibes in order to showcase a family-oriented eatery.

How We Did It

Prototype supplied products for this project that include: Annette Tub Chairs, custom booth seating, and custom banquet seating. To create the right feel, and retain a vibrant ambiance, the Annette Tub Chairs were divided into three main colours: purple ivy, pumice, and tonic plus lemon. Walnut Stained Legs were included to add a touch of class to an already striking piece.

The booth and banquet seating arrangements were designed and crafted using pine plywood framework with Tasmanian oak timber kick featuring 2pac stain finish, to bring the dining experience to new levels of class and comfort.

Ideal for both social and family occasions, the newly renovated Steelers Club was designed to create a welcoming environment while maintaining its sport-centred heritage.