Redux collection from 1956 by Tai Ping


Wellness is a major theme in 2016 travel trends with hotels getting serious about their health offerings. While yoga retreats and lavish hotel spas have catered to the needs of travellers seeking out a wellness experience, hotel brands are now being launched for health-conscious travellers; the first one is by Equinox, the premium gym group, which is getting its first property ready in Manhattan, followed by Los Angeles.

Well-established hotels are also offering new, and more serious, spa experiences focusing on the mind over the body. For instance, Mandarin Oriental has launched a yearly ‘Silent Night’ when all of their spas worldwide will transform into peaceful retreats. Similarly, the subterranean Akasha spa at Cafe Royal in London employs an intuitive counsellor, reiki master and a cognitive and emotional coach as part of their treatment services.

Research Director Beth McGroarty, who steered the research team, along with Susie Ellis, president of Spafinder Wellness, Inc. says the 2016 Trends reveal innovation in, and enthusiasm for wellness travel, and how wellness is an integral part of the most fundamental aspects of people’s daily lives: work, family, and love.

REDUX is the latest carpet collection from 1956 by Tai Ping Capsule Collection, available from Above Left.

The REDUX collection helps create a tranquil and serene environment for the urban sophisticate wanting to get away from the chaos of everyday life. REDUX is where the guest comes to indulge, relax and unplug, and find inner peace.

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