Project Team

Design: Spin

The Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali gives the phrase ‘I’ll have mine on the rocks’ a whole new meaning. with an innovative open-top bar perched 14 meters above the ocean on a rocky outcrop at the base of the resort’s towering cliffs.

Accessed via an inclinator that traverses the cliff-face, the Rock Bar is a spectacular feat of architecture and engineering. Designed by Yasuhiro Koichi of Japan’s Design Studio SPIN, whose works include NOBU Tokyo and NOBU Hong Kong, it offers uninterrupted, 360-degree views from every single vantage point.

“The Rock Bar is the only venue of its kind in the world, and is sure to become a must-see destination in Bali,” said Marc Dobbels, AYANA’s Food and Beverage Executive Assistant Manager. “Yasuhiro Koichi has created a true masterpiece using the natural formation and location of the rock, providing million-dollar views of Bali’s famed sunsets from a dramatic and unforgettable venue. You couldn’t get any closer to the horizon without setting sail!”

The venue is not the only thing ‘on the rocks’. A DJ booth has been built high amongst the rocks in front of the bar, with an outdoor Bose stereo system.

Either side of the main rock, timber platforms featuring comfortable sofas provide additional viewing points across the ocean. One is accessed via a natural cave, a unique entrance that leads to the terrace and a ‘secret’ garden over the beach. As you emerge from the softly-lit cave and the mist, a large crystallized rock hundreds of years old is displayed in a wall panel as a stunning piece of natural art.

Yasuhiro Koichi said the bar’s minimalist design emphasizes the natural beauty and layout of the rocky outcrop on Ayana’s Kisik Beach. “The magic of the Rock Bar is to feel the sea close to you and enjoy the coastal scenery and the surf,” Koichi said. “Therefore, we designed only enough to enhance these natural elements in a relaxed setting.”

His signature style is evident in the use of traditional materials, motifs and colours, which are given a contemporary edge with cutting-edge lighting and clean lines. As you approach, softly angled lighting guides you up a small set of stairs to the bar’s split-level ironwood platform. A 1m-high glass wall surrounds the entire perimeter. Long counter-tables flank the illuminated, glass bar, a stunning artwork created by renowned Japanese glass artist Seiki Torige.

The bar is open to the elements with nothing to block the fresh sea air and the changing colours of the sky above. As the waves break onto the beach and the base of the rock below, you enjoy 360-degree views across the ocean and back to the beach and cliffs, as though approaching from a boat. Jutting out from the cliff-face, crystallized rocks add natural glitter to this spectacular venue.

Seiki Torige’s concept for the glass-topped bar was inspired by the ‘wild’ beauty of the natural surroundings. “The first time I visited the site, I noticed that at high tide, the waves break upon the rocks below and the shore like ‘aquatic fireworks’. When it is low tide, a 100m-long coral reef appears in front of us, revealing the secret of the ocean’s energy,” said Seiki. “You really feel the power of nature at the Rock Bar, and I wanted to create a delicate glass work to be placed amongst this wild, beautiful scene.”

The bar top was made out of thousands of paper-thin glass ‘canes’, produced one by one and layered one on top of the other for a sparkling effect. This is enhanced by illumination from beneath. “Every effort of humans is often defeated by nature, however, my fervent wish is that these glass canes – the fruit of our effort – unite with nature and shine brightly all the time,” Seiki said.