Romeo & Giulietta

LightCo are so proud to welcome in their showroom the Romeo & Giulietta from FEDERICO de MAJO.

Imported from Italy, our forever-favourite design country, the Romeo & Giulietta has been inspired by the iconic couple from Italy.

Its transparency and colour selection will certainly add personality to various spaces in both residential and hospitality environments.

The shades are mouth-blown glass which features colourful, translucent or metallic finishes. Its texture, shapes and colours are unique and this pendant is as colourful for the eyes as it is to the touch.

This piece of art, as it really appears more than a light, casts both direct and diffused light, which sets a beautiful and elegant tone to interior spaces of any kind.

This pendant is available in either the Romeo “taller” or Giulietta “wider” shape incorporating five translucent finishes and four metallic finishes. You can create endless combinations of clusters or simply use one pendant as is.