Run Your Own “Countdown” Party!

The 13-part Classic Countdown series is airing on ABC Television right now. We’ve partnered with ABC so that you can run your own Countdown party in your venue to celebrate this historic show.

Nightlife Content Director Matthew Lymbury said that this is a milestone opportunity for venues because of how popular and nostalgic Countdown is for generations of Australians. “It’s a great opportunity to showcase so many unique and absorbing clips that capture moments of Australian music history and relive the glitz and glamour of the music world in the 70s and 80s when music video was just being born. It’s a masterpiece of pop, with the likes of a young John Farnham and Iggy Pop lighting up the stage.”

Opportunity to run a Countdown party in your venue

The best-of-the-best Countdown clips have been made into an incredible mix-tape list which you will have likely received on a special edition “Classic Countdown” disc we’ve sent out this week with your latest Nightlife update disc. If you haven’t received this, call us to arrange delivery.

The “Classic Countdown” disc contains 60 of the best tracks. It will be all you need to run a killer party, featuring the music and video segments from your favourite Countdown performances during the show’s 13 years, from 1974 to 1987. Your patrons will have the chance to relive the best musical moments in television history.

All of the material and content is provided as part of your existing, ongoing Nightlife subscription, so there’s no extra entertainment costs for you to run a Countdown party. In addition, crowdDJ® will be enabled in your venue free-of-charge so your customers can pick their favourite songs if you want to keep the party going long into the evening.

You can choose the date of your Countdown party. The television series started on Sunday 17th September and runs through until Sunday 10th December. There’s so many things you can do to make this party extra special! Run a dance competition, have a prize for best dressed, theme your venue with retro items and furnishings and get your staff in on the action too. People love to get involved! We’re also providing the digital assets that for you to run both trivia and a lip syncing battle on the night if you so choose.

What’s included in the Countdown party kit?

Along with the music and video content outlined above, we’re providing everything you need to run a killer Countdown party. We’ve created a Dropbox folder full of digital assets to help you promote your event. This includes:

  • Videos and photos from ABC – perfect for social posts
  • Digital Advertising slides for your screens (coming soon)
  • Trivia slides (coming soon)
  • Lip sync competition slides (with a track listing so your customers can pre-select their chosen track) (coming soon)
  • Social tiles for Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram to promote your event, as well as suggested captions to go alongside your posts (coming soon)

We will be adding to this Dropbox as the above items are finalised, so keep an eye on it. Additional Countdown tracks can also be made available on request.

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