Project Team

design: BrustmanBoyde in collaboration with Pippa Dickson

Image Credit: Adam Gibson Photography


furniture: James Richardson

The brief created by the client requested that the design be honest, fun and reference the era of the Australian beach side vernacular (sandy feet-allowed) in which the building was created as well as importantly promote and align with the modern and accessible dining experience being offered. The design team, BrustmanBoyde in collaboration with Pippa Dickson, drew on the Australian suburban surf, car and arcade culture setting the mood for an iconic, beachside spot where locals, tourists and families can relax and enjoy a light filled space with a great view, delicious food and beverage.

The refurbishment incorporates a number of the existing architectural elements of the pub’s rough but charming interior and exterior, such as an original 10m long, extended timber bar, 1970s blackboard clad coolers, concrete flooring, circular signage, back saloon bar and exterior tiling. New life is injected through large scale wall tiling features, lighting referencing the late 1960’s and 19070s era, light box artworks, new joinery behind bar, an open circular fireplace, remodelled bathrooms. The tables are locally made by respected furniture designers and the ‘Split’ and ‘Shine’ chairs sourced by international design luminary Arik Levy, a friend of the owners.

“As a furniture designer the seating was always going to be the most important element in the project. We wanted something contemporary, relaxed and ‘beachy’ but well made, robust and most importantly welcoming and comfortable – a chair that patrons could really relax in to enjoy our hospitality.

I am an obsessive researcher and put undivided attention into the search for the perfect chair – I didn’t want to commission something new – as our first business venture together I wanted something I could immediately convince my business partners would be a fail-safe investment in the future. As a designer I also wanted to combine the very best of local design talent with international work. In my view Arik Levy is the most exceptional designer universally. When I saw the Split chair it was immediately obvious that it encapsulated all the values I was looking for, referencing beachside culture perfectly. When I read it had recently won a German design award I couldn’t resist – I knew it would be extraordinary quality. The chairs combined with the upholstered stools are beautiful – we receive comments every day. We’re so pleased we have been the first to specify these chairs in a commercial context in Australia. Well done Arik Levy, Ton and James Richardson!”  Pippa Dickson, Co-Owner.

Graphics become interior architecture, via the guiding design concept utilised – 1970s ‘supergraphics’.   Large scale bold shapes through large-scale tiling patterns are tempered by a soft colour palette blending warm whites with seaside pastels. Light blues, yellows and soft rose are punctuated with bold accents of black, fuschia and navy.  Surfaces are a mix of raw and highly polished.

The design draws on the familiar and classic tropes of the 1970’s. These include:

  • custom fabricated fuschia pink circular booth creating a warm sanctuary near the middle of the room
  • diner-style tables with bench-seating
  • bespoke circular acrylic light box
  • brass lightning bolt pendant
  • 2m long cylindrical bar lights
  • photographic hallway light box featuring a locally-owned 1968 Mk1 Ford Capri.
  • An original 1972 pinball machine, pool table and cocktail table arcade game with original caroma stools
  • oversized, tetrahedron-shaped, vinyl beanbags.

Denim aprons were also created for the wait staff uniforms, and incorporated vinyl used in the bespoke furniture upholstery, and repeated Salty Dog graphic motifs through contrast top-stitching.

Split Chair

The Split chair links our more than 150-year-old technology with contemporary design. It is based on manually bent split lengths of massive wood; which, at the same time, are both a design and functional element of seating furniture – it supports the seat and also the backrest. It is elegantly slid in, behind the seat made also from massive wood. Apart from the upholstery, we also offer a design in ash, which can be applied with gradients by manual spraying. Designer: Arik Levy. Awarded: German Design Award Special 2016.

James Richardson