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Everyone wants to be a DJ and thanks to the crowdDJ app now they can! Your patrons can have a say in the music they hear in your venue; an exciting innovation that sets you apart from the pack. So crowdDJ gives you a massive draw card – why not play it? Time to get social and tell your followers all about crowdDJ and how they can pick their favourite songs in your venue. The below social post will link your followers to the crowdDJ app download page so that they are armed and ready to go as soon as they walk through your doors!

Social Media Sharing Guide

Here is everything you’ll need to promote crowdDJ in your venue and get the crowds rolling in!

1. Create a Facebook Post for crowdDJ

  • Go to your venue’s Facebook page and create a new wall post.
  • Copy the link below and paste into the post. This will link your patrons to the crowdDJ app download page.

  • Once you have pasted the link into your post, Facebook will automatically create a hyperlink to our crowdDJ page and a thumbnail preview image will appear. When there are special events coming up, ie. Australia Day, there may be multiple thumbnail images for you to choose from.
  • Under the ‘Available images’ section at the bottom of the post make sure the image you wish to use is selected.


  • You can also upload your own image if you do not wish to use the available images. Firstly, ensure your image dimensions are 1200 x 630 pixels and it is either a JPEG or PNG file so that it displays correctly once uploaded. Click on the ‘Plus’ box next to the available images and upload your image.
  • You can now remove the pasted link by backspacing the text and the thumbnail and link will remain.
  • Add your promotional message to the post. We have put together a few sample suggestions for your post but of course, feel free to use your own wording to promote your venue:

What’s your fave song? We want to hear it! Download the crowdDJ app and pick your music next time you’re in!

Have your say in the music we play! Download the crowdDJ app and come in to pick your faves!

This Friday night we are handing over to you! Download the crowdDJ app to pick your music.

Water bottle? Check. Towel? Check. Favourite work out music? Only if you have crowdDJ on your phone! Pick the music you want to hear in the gym while you work out by downloading the crowdDJ app and choose the songs you want to sweat it out to! Click here for instructions or ask our team. #gymchecklist #workouttunes #music #crowdDJ

Let your fingers do the heavy lifting – make this session easy by picking the music YOU want to hear when you work out. Download the crowdDJ app or go to the crowdDJ kiosk, scroll through the choices and pick the ultimate sweat set list. Click here for easy instructions or ask your friendly staff members. #workouttunes #music #crowdDJ

  • Don’t forget to tag Nightlife in your post so that we can support you and increase your reach by giving it a like, comment or share too! Not sure how to tag on Facebook? Click here to find out how.
  • Once you have added your text into the textbox, hit ‘Publish’!

2. Option: Pin Your Post

Make sure everyone who visits your Facebook page knows that they can pick their fave songs at your venue. You can pin the crowdDJ post so that it will remain at the top of your Facebook wall. To do this click on the down arrow in the top right hand corner of the post and select ‘Pin to Top’.

  • To learn more about publishing Facebook posts and using ‘Pin to Top’, have a look here.

3. Option: Boost Your Post

To reach a wider audience and draw more people into your venue you can BOOST the post – this means you will reach people who aren’t currently following your page but are probably very interested in what you have to say. Your post’s ‘reach’, or effectiveness, is determined by the amount of money you dedicate to boosting the post; however a small amount can go a long way. Please consider this option if you really want to make the most of your crowdDJ draw card.

  • To boost your post – go to a post you’ve created and then click ‘Boost Post’ (the button is on the lower-right corner of the post).
  • To learn more about ‘Boosting’ Facebook posts, take a look here!