Project Team

Design: Orbit Design Studio
Lighting: Inverse Lighting

Designed and conceived by the people who brought you Bed Supperclub, Sound’s interior is a mix of science fiction and ultra-sleek production design based on the concept of the “human ear”.

Sound features a 19 metre long LED screen that interacts with music, state-of-the art club lighting equipment and cutting-edge sound system.

Sound was designed by Bangkok based Orbit Design Studio, the same people behind the world renowned Bed Supperclub. They also have offices in London and Tokyo. (

Inverse Lighting were responsible for the lighting design in the venue.

Located at the resort destination of Patong in Phuket, Thailand, Sound aims to be a must visit club for any guests looking for fun, uniqueness and contemporary clubbing experience

The club owners have identified five things they say are needed to be really good at in order for them to become a world-class venue:

1. DJ – Their ability to read the crowd and manipulate them is what makes a great club night stand out from the rest.

2. Club Promoter – it’s not an easy task being a club promoter; you have to be on top of your game all the time. You have to know what the upcoming music is, and to be naturally sociable.

3. Sound System – how many times have you been to a large club where the sound was distorted and the music so unclear that you couldn’t hear the lyrics? It’s no longer the 80’s so there is no excuse for that; the club needs to heavily invest in their sound system, as it is simply the most valuable component of the business.

4. Venue Layout – this includes lighting, placement of DJ booth and space of dance floor. Too dark? Too bright? All these should be thought of before and constantly optimized by the club owner.

5. Crowd – with the right image and music, you can choose the kind of crowd that suits your venue.