Spotify For Your Business through Nightlife!

As a result of our tight knit relationship and integration with global music streaming giant Spotify, the latest version of Nightlife’s Manage My Nightlife app now allows venue operators to play their own Spotify lists in-venue – opening up a new world of choice for venues wanting to get more hands on with their music.

Nightlife’s Music Director Matt Lymbury says this is a major coup for customers who are keen to put their own personal identity into a venue. “Nightlife clients already have access to a huge variety of content along with bespoke programming from our music consultants and DJs/programmers. With the rapid take up of Spotify, particularly amongst hospitality and fitness workers, it’s great that people can now play their personal lists at work as well.”

From a legal standpoint, Spotify and other streaming services like Pandora are only licensed for personal use, so this new feature positions Nightlife as a great alternative for venues to play Spotify in their business. This new feature also allows the best of both worlds.

“We have a team of DJs picking individual songs for venues day in day out, working closely with labels and artists as well as our clients. This new feature means our clients can play their Spotify lists when they want to add a final layer of personal touch, but still have Nightlife do the heavy lifting of picking music to suit their venue around the clock”.

Lymbury also points out that the content still plays from Nightlife’s media player, “this means that our clients will still enjoy having the usual high quality production they expect from Nightlife in terms of having seamless mixes and consistent volume levels as well as remaining 100% compliant. “ManageMyNightlife is available to all Nightlife Music clients on our Enterprise solution.