Project Team

architect: Design Research Studio

Tazmania Ballroom is the latest venture brought to you by the creators of Dragon-I. This upscale pool hall has three pool tables at the heart of the venue and is a decent place to play pool, lounge and people watch.

This open venue has craggy black walls, high ceilings and gold plated pool tables. The over all effect resembles a futuristic luxury cavern. There’s an interesting lighting scheme with neon tubes on the walls and large hanging lamps that are almost works of art. There are limited seating areas by the bar and by the DJ booth.

As you mount the stairwell into the bar, you’ll find large open space that can be used as a dance floor. On very busy nights, the pool tables can mechanically ascend and be suspended from the ceiling to clear more space for a bigger crowd or for dancing. There’s also an outdoor terrace with a great view of Wyndham Street for smokers and people who want to be al fresco.

Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio and lead designer Helene Bangsbo Andersen, were invited to design the slick new interior with inspiration drawn from a traditional British games room reflected in elements such as the plaster book-lined feature wall and plush upholstery. These traditional items are contrasted with highly contemporary features such as a blue chalk greeting and innovative cue storage case.

The wall finishes play with geometry that is integrated with the rough concrete of the building. A faceted mirrored corridor leads from the street into a sharp rock cavern; whilst metals highlight the focus areas of Tazmania Ballroom in the DJ booth, bar and pool tables.

Dixon’s own pieces decorate the opulent space including the Cone, Pipe and Copper Shade lights and the Offcut Stool.