Project Team

design: Luchetti Krelle


furniture: Prototype, Canalside, Catapult
lighting: Cedar & Moss

Luchetti Krelle were tasked with turning a narrow run-down terrace in Sydney’s historic Paddington into a restaurant and bar suitable for 110 patrons. Our client had great memories of Latin America in mind and he wanted to create an imaginary road trip from Mexico to Argentina, stopping by Peru; Tequila, Tacos, Ceviche and a flaming Parilla grill. This understanding worked well with our site. As with most terrace houses the width of the space is always an obstacle, particularly over 3 levels. But we were able to use this to our advantage and create multiple components of design to reflect the many facets of the food offering.

Latin America’s colonial past is similar in style to the architecture of Victorian Paddington. Black and white checkerboard tiles, arched windows and decorative motifs are as true to the heritage of
Paddington as they are to the Hacienda’s and courtyards of Buenos Aires and Lima.

The entrance offers a small and cosy bar. It’s traditional local pub feeling creates a strong connection to the streetscape and the arched bar shelving is a direct reference to the Indian head pennies found by Scout and Jem in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. The shelves happen to stock the bar’s many Tequila’s and Mescal’s.

Continuing into the terrace the first dining area is simple in embellishment but framed by a leafy courtyard complete with herringbone pavers. At the heart of the ground floor is the open kitchen.
Noticeably intimate, it features the hero, a wood fired Parilla grill.

A more formal dining area is located on the first floor. Banquettes with leather detailing reflect the influence of Argentina’s gaucho cowboys whilst the adjoining salon creates a versatile outdoor experience with a fully retractable roof. Rough sawn timber wall cladding and cartoon cacti line drawings suggest rural Mexico. Above, the amenities deliberately sit in the attic space ensuring the terrace is utilised to its full potential.

Overall, the experience feels like a neighbourhood restaurant offering great food and cocktails. Paddington is having a renaissance and Tequila Mockingbird is at the forefront of this revival.

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