Project Team

design: Ewert Leaf Architects, Bergman & Co


lighting:  Firefly, Ambience, Please Please Please, AT Lighting
furniture: Please Please Please, Steve Edwards, Name a Chair
tiles: Metz, Sigorino, Urban Edge Ceramics, Classic Ceramic

In collaboration with Ewert Leaf Architects, we were given the amazing job of designing Brunswick’s first rooftop beer garden. Situated atop the iconic Cornish Arms Hotel, owners Anthony Foster and Tom Mahony wanted to make the most of the spectacular view, whilst creating a relaxed, casual environment.

The rooftop with its combination of a big open bar, lots of communal seating and vintage flavour is the perfect place to socialise

To enhance the relaxed feel of the bar, we created a feeling of comfortable, yet stylish, nostalgia with a seventies-esque colour palette and striped canvas seating.

Custom feature lights, carriageway and table bases, all designed by Industrial Designer Paul Grummisch of Please Please Please, add an incredible layer of originality and polish to the overall design.

We mixed the best of the beer garden world with the best of the rooftop world, combining the two by transporting nature up to the clouds. Two fully grown trees where craned up to the top, along with beautiful garden beds to give the ultimate outdoor experience. Nature and breathtaking views! Who could ask for more. Except an ice-cold beer to enjoy it all with.

Firefly Fairy Lights

Firefly Lighting Quick Connect System makes light work of creating the most spectacular architectural lighting effects. Made stronger and more robust for Australia’s extreme weather conditions, the Firefly Lighting system is designed to provide you with greater creative flexibility while significantly reducing the time and labour required to install.