Project Team

architect: GM Architects
interior design: Matteo Polizzi

The Layar is the latest creation of influential GM Architects. A signature that has created a new vision of tropical architecture, where the modern use of design and space is integrated with natural materials in complete respect of the surrounding environment. Their architecture has been defined as modern, tropical, and organic: a modern vision of space and design, combined with the use of tropical colors and materials, and organically integrated in their natural surroundings.

Each of GM’s villas is a unique masterpiece, carefully studied in every detail, and often cited as examples in several books on tropical design. GM Architects have redefined in Bali and in the tropical world the Modern Tropical Living, synthesis of comfort, nature, and design.

GM’s signature is their distinctive sloping roofs that extend from almost ground level and made from natural ironwood shingles, creating, within open-plan areas, some cozy corners while opening the view to natural surroundings in others. These are unique and outstandingly noticeable villas, of which The Layar represents a splendid example.

The “sails” (layar in Indonesian) are an eloquent symbol of a timeless beauty, modern yet soft. Underneath high pitched ceilings, open plan living areas are the heart of the home; the close proximity of the swimming pool enhances the indoor-outdoor living typical of Bali, creating a fluid transition between indoor ambiences and gardens. Natural stone pathways, walls covered with Indian stones, flooring in natural wood and unpolished marble finished with acid, create a contrast with the angular roof design representing the fusion of modern and tropical, which is typically GM’s style.

Also in the interior, GM surprises with unexpected touches and details; the curvaceous lines of the swimming pools are reflected in rounded walls that bring the outdoor in; living areas on different interconnected levels create harmony in the house and charming open spaces allow natural light to soak in and permeate living spaces.

Privacy is a priority in The Layar, also within each villa. Every room has its own private garden or access to the pool deck, ensuring tranquility is never disturbed. Bathrooms with indoor bathtubs and outdoor showers surrounded by tropical vegetation are an ideal place to relax and contemplate the colors and perfumes of a tropical paradise.

The interiors are created by Italian designer Matteo Polizzi which perfectly complement GM’s architectural style with attentive and refined design solutions, decorative but at the same time functional. Furniture and fittings have been entirely custom designed; lines are modern, yet using natural materials and finishing, including teak wood, Indian stones, local palimanan stone and marble, terrazzo and rustic cotton.

The result is an organic ambience with a modern touch that is timeless in style, yet relaxed and informal. The attention to detail is extreme, from custom made door handles and washbasins down to the choice of cutlery.

Kitchens are fitted with imported Italian appliances and fittings. Each bedroom boast its own LCD flat panel TV with iPod docking station music system, while the central entertainment system in the living area boasts a further LCD flat panel TV and a Bose or JBL surround sound system with ceiling speakers.

Construction is at high international standard, with structure compliant to European regulations and designed to resist earthquakes in the Indonesian region.

Use of wood from certified sustainable plantations, proper system to treat and clean waste water, recycling of rain water for gardening, equipment with energy saving technology such as CFL and LED lighting or gas fired water heaters, solar panels: The Layar makes a priority of low impact on environment , in line with the love for nature
that characterises it design.