Titan LED Fibre Optic Lightsource

Digilin celebrates the release of the Titan LED Fibre Optic Lightsource, a product that has been in such high demand but has defied completion due to its complex technical requirements, and the exceptionally high standards of Digilin engineering. This device has been on the wishlist of all of our regular associates and finally, a suitable combination of LED’s, optics and thermal management exists to create a world class LED solution for fibre optic lighting.

Digilin has been a world leader in fibre optic lighting systems, since the mid 1980’s. Over this period, Digilin have designed and manufactured thousands of premium quality systems for projects locally and internationally. Whenever a project requires a precision engineered fibre optic system, Digilin is generally the first choice.

Although sometimes viewed as old technology, fibre optic lighting systems are still in high demand due to their limited (zero) maintenance requirements at the illumination end of the system. This “hands off” capability makes fibre optic perfect for use in hazardous areas, wet zones and public spaces. The new Titan lightsource will improve the reliability and durability of these systems even further, with specially design LED modules and optical systems to ensure true light focus onto the fibre optic bundle. The Titan also has a revolutionary thermal management system with fluid radiator technology and electronic monitoring.

Available in 60w, 75w and 90w versions, the Titan can be fitted with either colour wheels, scintillation wheels or custom effect wheels. The Titan is suitable for side lit fibre optic cable systems, which is a world first for LED and fibre optic combinations. A low cost star field LED lightsource is in development and should be ready by Q3 2017.