Project Team

design: Studio Edwards


furniture: Ross Didier

A minute, two-storey cafe space located within the iconic Food district on Flinders lane in Central Melbourne. With an almost zero budget, the fit out had to be efficient and effective – adding both the new owners identity to the space whilst adding a more intimate and inviting feel despite the narrow street frontage. As well as this the design had to allow construction to take place only on weekends so as to keep the cafe trading. As a result the design was split into trade packages from the outset. Negotiating with each during concept phase to ensure the budget was achieved. Timber flooring was used for the bench top block as well as for the shelving which was supported with a G clamp from the local hardware store. Allowing minimal cutting of the flooring lengths.

An ombre wall finish blurs the distinction between wall and floor. Seagrass lines both the lower and upper ceilings softening the acoustics and making the interior more intimate and a little hairier.

*Tom Thumb is a character of English folklore. Tom is no bigger than his father’s thumb, a and his adventures include being swallowed by a cow, tangling with giants, and becoming a favourite of King Arthur

A collaboration with Joseph Hoang