Project Team

design: KP Architects

photos: S Noonan


metals: Craft Metals
wallpaper: Ellie Cashman Design
tiles: Eco Tile Factory
soft furnishings: Instyle, Warwick

Tower Hotel is a modern bistro pub, found within the eastern outskirts of Adelaide City. The design concept is respectful to the hotel’s heritage, while creating a modern and dynamic atmosphere. Complete with a beer garden, two separate bars, a bistro private dining area and children’s cinema- the hotel accommodates for a wide demographic.

The interior of the building features copper detailing, black and white plaid carpet, dark timbers and olive green features. External to the building is the existing beer garden that faces Magill road. This space was refurbished by peeling away recent additions to activate the building façade, allowing vision into the hotel and encouraging patrons to sit and watch the passing traffic. The beer garden incorporates concrete form bench seating, burgundy coloured pergolas and pockets of landscaping.

Border Plaid Carpet

Construction: Woven Axminster
Pile content: 80% Wool, 20% Nylon
Width: 4.00 m (13′ 1½”)
Suitability: Heavy