Mini Highbays from Digilin

The stripped back industrial look is super popular at the moment with retail, offices, bars and clubs creating minimalist, open plan interiors.  The Helios range of Mini LED Highbays are perfect for these spaces with both quality light output and an industrial feel.

Digilin’s larger Helios highbays have been embraced by the market for large scale commercial projects and warehouses, but the Mini units’ shrunken scale means that they don’t look out of place in many other applications.

With options of reflectors including 45° and 90° PC and 45°, 90° and 120° beam options, light output is functional and available in different colour temps and can be also dimmed via DALI if required.

The PC reflectors are particularly sought after for retail applications as it will create a softer output with greater overall room level; perfect for showrooms and the “warehouse style” retail.

 Helios Minis are available in 27w, 53w and 80w, and can provide outputs from 3,300 lumens up to 10,000 lumens and Digilin will be happy to help with the engineering to ensure suitable lux levels at the showroom floor.