An Unusual Job for Heatstrip

While Heatstrip outdoor heaters are great for your alfresco area, there are so many other uses, including unusual applications like keeping the tortoises warm at the Melbourne Zoo.

Melbourne Zoo wanted an efficient, durable, and IP rated heating solution that would keep the Aldabra Giant Tortoises warm when feeding and resting. Many traditional heaters on the market aren’t suitable for this sector due to making the enclosures too stuffy by constantly pumping out hot air into the environment.

Heatstrip Classic 3200A electric radiant outdoor heaters met the criteria and had proved to be a fantastic choice for this type of environment. The two THH3200A where suspended from the ceiling using chains to keep them warm all year-round, providing adequate heat coverage and yet remain energy efficient.

These large animals are one of the highlights of a visit to Melbourne Zoo and a great opportunity to learn more about the plight of Aldabra Giant Tortoises in the wild and be inspired to take action to contribute to the protection and preservation of this species.