2430B wall light

The 2430B wall light is another example of the fittings in the popular vintage ships lighting range by Gineico Interiors.

This beautiful Italian made range is authentic in every detail, and the quality of the brass and detailing is second to none.

Leave it raw to patina in the elements or order it in polished chrome / satin chrome / galvanised / copper / painted any colour, you will not be disappointed.

The 2430B boasts the thick heavy duty clear glass lens or frosted lens option available throughout this lovely range. Furthermore, the combination of the clever sturdy outreach arm and a glare shielded on this fitting, allow it to be used with high output globes. This means designers can use this fitting to properly illuminate or wash walls with light, without the uncomfortable usual side effect of glareā€¦.

This fitting is totally marine grade and waterproof. It is also tamper proof with socket head locking nuts standard. Put it anywhere you like.

Prices for this fitting start at just $ 250.00

More info: http://gineicointeriors.com/Vintage%20Ship%20Lighting/

Request a quote or data sheet: showroom@gineico.com

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