ProLights SMARTMODULA is a cable-free battery fixture which establishes a new form of decorative lighting for events, banquets and gardens.

Its modular and customisable assembly allows for the light to stand from the floor or hang as a PINSPOT four-bar and to be packed in a comfortable carry-on size. The light emitters are adjustable and can slide on the track allowing for perfect focusing as well as fully interchangeable allowing for spot/wash or mixed configurations. All available in full colour or white colour mixing.

SMARTMODULA (Core components to be completed with accessories) includes:

– Metal baseplate

– Baseplate with supporting bar

– Extension bar with the adjustable height

– Heading bar with light track and electronics (containing 1 battery)


  • MODULA design allows floor standing with flexible swivel joints, tilt-able stand or hanging with quick-lock omega brackets
  • Accessory fixtures available in RGBW/FC and white colour mixing as well as with spot or wash optics
  • Each emitter is pixel mapped and can slide and be focused individually (not included)
  • The base houses room for an extra battery (optional) and the stand can be height adjusted