Eclipse collection from Articolo

The Eclipse collection from Articolo Architectural Lighting brings an even richer appeal to the breathtaking beauty of mouth-blown glass. The collection features acid etch detailing, which creates an elegant satin finish to complement the luminescence of the Eclipse glass.

Articolo Architectural Lighting’s luxurious designs are a focal point in some of the world’s finest interior spaces. Founded in 2010 by internationally acclaimed Australian designer Nicci Green, the company places a firm emphasis on craftsmanship and ensures that all elements of its designs are handcrafted by Australian artisans.

The Eclipse collection of wall sconces features elegant cylindrical mouth-blown glass shades on Brass, Bronze or Articolo black steel backplates, which have a unique warmth and depth due to the application of four layers of black.

The mouth-blown glass shades are available in autumnal colours such as smoke, grey or current also available in the monochromatic white and clear. An acid etched detail covers the top half of the cylindrical form, adding a beautiful satin contrast to the design.

Articolo is renowned for its attention to detail and even the Eclipse flex cords are thoroughly considered. The flex cords are imported from Milan – they are the only element of an Articolo light not to be handcrafted in Australia – and their understated beauty adds another visual element to the Eclipse design.

Articolo’s luxurious Eclipse collection shows the beauty of mouth-blown glass in a whole new light with elegant acid etch detailing that adds a striking and complementary contrast.