Project Team

design: A.N.D


Electric in atmosphere and ambiance, FEI unites an audacious location – suspended from the side of the hotel – with a lavish, luminous design by architect and celebrity designer Kosaka of A.N.D. This exclusive club fuses style, dynamism and excess, leading to one surprise after another.

Stretching across three stories, the glass club glows thanks to optical fiber strings of light that cascade down the inside of the cube, forming glittering curtains of light that project a vibrant energy visible from both inside and outside the hotel.

Glass balconies house semi-private seating and lounging areas – from booths to expansive leather couches – while two private rooms provide an exclusive perch with see-through areas from which to see and be seen. Avant-garde chandeliers, a sculptural bar and glowing cocktail tables provide just enough light and further elevate the artistic

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ambiance, as does a magnetic mixture of jewel hues ranging from ruby to sapphire to amber.

When Kosaka first visited the hotel under construction, the space intended for the nightclub was an empty glass box three stories high.

“It was enormous, and the massive framing of the curtain wall made it feel oppressive, like an airport or a convention center,” he says. To encourage hotel guests to party till the wee hours, he broke up the volume’s vertiginous verticality. Most of the bar on the bottom level is sheltered by a lounge, which approaches the curtain wall but doesn’t touch it. Above the lounge, though not extending as far, is the VIP balcony, bringing total square footage to 10,000.

The staggered levels soften the visual impact of the volume’s height. To do the same for the curtain wall, he draped it with a “light curtain.” As the night goes on, thousands of fiber-optic strands are computer-programmed to pulse and change color from white to aqua to fuchsia.

The cascading rows of optical fiber lights, which can be programmed in speed and color.

This treatment has never been done before in the world, Kosaka said at the launch. “We used light to give the space an original expression.”

“It changes, like the northern lights – sometimes provoking, other times sensory,” he says of the lighting effect, whose energy can seen from the street, enticing visitors as they turn into the hotel driveway. From the inside, the lights form a dazzling backdrop for the stage and permeate every corner of the cavernous space, which Kosaka carved into staggered levels with smaller nooks of varying heights to create more intimate party spaces.