Project Team



lighting: Anchor ceramics, Caravaggio
furniture: Dermot Editions, Alboo Foxy
acoustic ceiling panels: Instyle
tiles: Marrakesh Design
umbrellas: Basil Bangs


Springs kitchen is part of the new Aloft Hotel in Perth. It’s the first Aloft in Australia, and were commissioned to work within the hotel’s brand, while bringing context and cohesiveness to the public spaces, mezzanine floor, rooftop alfresco and hotel rooms.

The kitchen sits on the northern side of the hotel and wraps around to additional restaurant seating and a bar on the eastern side. wanted to make Springs approachable and comfortable for locals, while also being appealing to visitors to the hotel.

Their palette takes from the local Swan River flora and landscape, while they took industrial materials and gave them a new purpose, such as paving on the wall as a backdrop to the restaurant and concrete soak wells as table bases.

A mix of natural timber chairs, our own custom banquettes, long tables in fresh colours and woodgrains bring that casual, approachable vibe to the space that transitions easily between day and night.