Project Team

design: Todd & Marisa Clayton
audio: Aaron Smith Audio


lighting: Fat Shack Vintage

The venue is in a 95 year old building which was last restored over 20 years ago. The building had been painted purple for the last 17 years and was in need of a major renovation.

The ambience is casual NYC with a Garden Bar. The Garden Bar is what you see when you enter so this relaxing space gets you immediately.

The owners have worked with their builders for the last 10 years on several projects and the resources they bring are unmeasurable.

Some materials they knew where there e.g. taking 3 layers of ceiling out to expose floorboards and restoring them, taking glossy purple and orange tiles of the pizza oven to expose bare bricks, building white gloss tile walls and bar surrounds to give the bar a Manhattan feel and using old school lamps and stained glass chandeliers to give the space a NYC ambience.

The brand colours dictate all of the colour schemes: Yellow, Black and Grey mixed with concrete, bricks, and timber.

Special features include skinned walls depicting NYC, 120 real ferns in the ceiling of the Garden Bar and solid timber furniture.

Glass Ball Pendant Light

The glass shades clean lines give it that timeless appeal which can be incorporated into any contemporary or traditional rooms. The fixtures are hung with a braided textured pendant light cord to give it that vintage finishing touch.

Fat Shack Vintage