OTL switch to ShowPro LED Ultra-BAR UV

Paul Nardella’s lighting company On Track Lighting has built a solid reputation for designing amazing visuals for clubs and dance parties. He frequently gets asked to supply UV light in venues or for special performances. Unfortunately he wasn’t very happy with his UV 400w floods.

“I have over sixty UV 400w units, the old-school ones with globes and ballasts,” said Paul. “However they’re not user-friendly. You use them once and they get hot, then you have to wait for them to cool down before you can transport them anywhere. The globes never last more than ten gigs. Plus if you want to do a special effect with UV on, UV off, UV on – you can’t do that with the old units. You have to wait for them to warm up and then you’ve given away the secret.”

Paul looked for an alternative and came across the ShowPro LED Ultra-BAR UV. This extremely slim LED blacklight strip generates stunning glow-in-the-dark eff­ects and delivers wide-angle saturated blacklight coverage.

“I purchased six and loved them so much, I promptly ordered six more,” commented Paul. “They’re fantastic, I can’t get over how great they are. They have 5 and 3 pin out which is a big bonus because you can link out of them. I’ve seen LED UV stuff before which is bluer than UV but the ShowPro LED Ultra-BAR UV is pretty good, plus it has a wide angle so they can cover a lot of space.”

The ShowPro LED Ultra-BAR UV features wide 120° UV wash for broad coverage, high-frequency LED modulation for flicker-free video playback, built-in sound-active programs, power In and Out connections for linking multiple units and infrared sensor for optional IR6 remote control.

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