ShowPRO Fusion Bars add diversity

Situated within the picturesque landscapes of Sydney’s Bicentennial Park, Waterview blends modern elegance with tranquil park and lake views, offering an ideal setting for events.

Impact AV has been the   venue’s in-house AV supplier for several years and recently they upgraded the lighting with the purchase of twenty-six ShowPRO Fusion Bars.

The Fusion Bars allow the venue to create many moods, bringing the room motion, vibrancy and action. They are positioned high on the walls, encircling the main area of the venue. From there, the Fusion Bars can highlight the actual roof which has steps in it, similar to an upside down staircase, creating a cascading effect on the roof. Alternatively they can bathe the room in a myriad of colours with many more effects possible.

According to Alex Creel, Impact AV’s Project Manager, the Fusion Bars were chosen over competitors due to their brightness, robust design and the colour choices offered.

“The Fusion Bar also had a slimmer design than the other lights we were looking at and that suited us better,” he added. “Some of the effects they produce can actually link up into the existing lighting system inside the venue. They can create a slow, ebbing in and out of different colours or a single colour to create a more atmospheric or pulsating event. We love that they colour match the pre-existing colour palettes that we have within the original installed lights. The colour palette of the Fusion Bars is very good and allows us to achieve a cohesive look within the room.”

Apparently, the venue owner’s love showing prospective clients what the Fusion Bars can offer and have thoroughly enjoyed the difference that they have made.