Project Team

design: McCartney Design


furniture: Coehlo, Cintesi
lighting: E-Lux Lighting

At McCartney Design they love a good burrito. And for their money Mad Mex is as good as it gets.

The core value of Mad Mex is the pursuit of the most authentic Mexican food experience. Just as the menu is based on authentic Mexican street food, their design is inspired by Mexican street cafés and taquerías.

Guided by their client, a purist in all things Mexican, McCartney Design emphasised real and unsophisticated materials and theatrical forms of signage to add the Mad to the Mex.

 In this small prototype site in a busy mall thoroughfare it was important to be noticed.

McCartney Design incorporated a new format animated sign into the storefront to attract maximum attention from the lease line.

Incorporating established Mad Mex design elements like the Corona Chandelier and the Luchador mural helped them to complete the branded environment.

With regular lunchtime queues stretching back down the mall, their Mexican combo is certainly hitting the spot!