Project Team

design: Quattro Interiors Studio
artwork: Designer Boys
builder: Garry Ison Builders
electrical contractors: IJE&D Electric & Data
joiner: Ocean Kitchens


carpet: Brintons
fabric: Zepel
tiles: Earp Bros.
lighting: Mondo Luce, ISM Objects, Yellow Goat

The two original function rooms at Bomaderry Bowls Club had very different atmospheres. One was flooded with natural light from a skylight window and the second was much darker with lower ceilings. The task was to unify the two rooms and create an updated new look for the spaces.

The character of the design is elegant and classic. Quattro deliberately wanted to give the rooms a simplicity that would be an unobtrusive backdrop for the varied events taking place in those spaces. The function rooms had to be versatile enough to appeal to many kinds of clients – from those attending corporate seminars to school formals and weddings. The design elements were carefully considered so as not to overpower the space.

The clients decided to bite the bullet and completely upgrade one of the existing bars. The bar was extended and improved which led to a re-think of the bar design. Additionally the clients decided to relocate the main entrance off the long entry corridor by making use of an unused store room. The new entrance foyer is now in a more logical location and naturally captures guests as they arrive.

It was important that the construction program worked in with the Clubs busy event calendar. The program for construction was short so the function room wasn’t out of operation for too long. The space itself was planned around the existing layout apart from the main entrance which was redesigned.

The New York marble used on the bar front is a classic finish. The contrast of the white marble and dark veins is very striking. Natural finishes like marble have a tendency to withstand fashionable design trends and will continue to look good in the years to come.

Quattro wanted to create a dark and dramatic colour scheme for the entrance corridor. This was partly due to the fact that the main entrance hallway was also shared by back of house staff for access to the kitchen. This corridor had to be both glamorous enough to impress
guests and robust enough to withstand heavy duty service trollies. The entrance points were marked by a change from carpet to vitrified floor tiles, soft wall lighting and highly reflective wall paneling. The result draws attention to the details and breaks up what would otherwise be a very long corridor. In contrast the function rooms are lighter and brighter.

Overall most of the finishes have a luminous quality. For example the woven vinyl wall finish used on the columns has a shimmery quality that is noticeable under the wall lights.

The feature ceiling pendants visually link the two functions rooms. The design for these custom sized pendants was a bright chrome ring and the light source is a continuous LED. The oversized pendant command attention but because of their simple design they don’t dominate the space.

The wall lamps and directional spot lights in the entrance corridors provide soft lighting on a more personal scale. Wall lights with fabric shades, artwork and large sized wall mirrors lend a domestic quality to the entrance points. In contrast the lighting inside the function rooms is on a much bigger, impressive scale.

Halo Vert

A very modern take on the traditional drum pendant. Lit by strip LED’s feeding though a acrylic diffuser. Very cool!!! Size shown 1200mm (4′) diameter x 80mm (3″) tall.

Yellow Goat

Special features incorporated into the project include back lit
marble bar fronts, custom coloured Brintons axminster carpet, tri-coloured stage curtains.

Builder Gary Ison Building had been involved in the original construction of the function rooms and other areas of the club. The Clients were very trusting in handing over the design and the look to Quattro Interiors Studio. Their main involvement was in the function & practicalities of the venue.