Project Team

Design: Bergstrom Architects
AV: Saltec, RAV Industries
Builder: Boden


Lighting: Hub, Yellow Goat
Carpet: Brintons
Furniture: Cafe Culture, Hughes Commercial Furniture, BCI Furniture

Bergstrom Architects has completed a full refurbishment of the first level including auditorium, bistro and bistro servery, foyer and toilets of Campsie RSL. Also included was construction of a new outdoor terrace, refurbishment of the entry, entry foyer as well as the stairs leading to the first level.

In the last 12 months Bergstrom Architects have come across a number of clubs looking to upgrade their aging and most importantly underutilised auditoriums. These auditoriums are often internal spaces offering little except for a big investment in space. The existing auditoriums are often poorly finished with bare walls and plain white ceiling tiles. Refurbished in the 70’s and 80’s they are cavernous spaces sporting vermiculate ceilings and an outdated interior fit outs.

With often limited space these clubs are now looking to create a new style of entertainment area, one that will offer a diverse appeal to the variety of functions that a club must offer in 2012 and beyond.

Campsie RSL is a typical example of such a club. It is highly successful but land locked with a premium value on all of its available space. The old auditorium was underutilised yet a valuable space. It was a great opportunity to re-invent it. The club’s brief was simple ….. make it into a lounge but retain the flexibility of a multipurpose auditorium /function space. On face value simple enough, but the challenges were numerous.


This one would look fabulous no matter what colour frill material was used – silver mirror, translucent red, designer fabric or timber veneer.

Yellow Goat


There were several issues Bergstrom Architects considered in the auditorium fit out included flexibility of space – creating a logical system of operable walls or other room dividers to split the large room into smaller function rooms. Co-ordinating the audio visual requirements with the fit out without compromising either functionality or the aesthetic of the room as well as being aware of the acoustic requirements. Creating a broad appeal for the room as it has to function on many levels, as a relaxed lounge area, a dynamic presentation space and be able to be split up into smaller areas with their own identity. The space has to feel good when it is hosting a dozen people as well as 300. It has to be intimate yet airy.

Bergstrom Architects achieved the final product in several ways. There was an overall replanning of the original floor plan. Some of the original auditorium was opened up to the outside creating an outdoor break-out area. A strong link between the new auditorium and a bistro area was developed offering an opportunity for a dining option and an overflow space if required. The entire scale of the room was modified with new varying height ceilings that would create a dynamic drama to the main stage yet offer a logical hierarchy of spaces that could be split up from the large space. A modern chic aesthetic was adopted inspired in part by the multi cultural character of Campsie. The key in our approach is to make these auditorium spaces into something more than a large presentation space. They are designed to appear as a sophisticated chill out area but with the technical functionality of an auditorium. The room transcends the varied functions it services.

Saltec installed Electrovoice 8″ ceiling speakers throughout driven by a Quest amplifier. In the auditorium they installed a JBL VRX PA system, again driven by Quest amplifiers, signal processing via BSS and Mipro microphones. A NEC projector was added along with a Screen Technics screen.

Lighting included an ETC Smartfade ML Lighting controller, LED par cans, Jands power distribution, patch bays and splitter.

There is Crestron Control and Bose ESP-88 sound processors.

Streamvision IPTV

IPTV in its simplest definition means using ethernet cables (network) to deliver signals to TV’s. In other words we use a computer network to distribute audio and video around your venue! There are many benefits including digital signage and automation.

RAV Industries

RAV Industries installed a Streamvision IPTV solution into Campsie RSL in Sydney’s western suburbs.

What is IPTV? Put simply, it is a way of distributing high definition broadcasts from both free to air and pay TV providers to all screens throughout a venue utilising a data network.

In the case of Campsie RSL, they were opening a new bar/showroom on the top floor of the Club and wanted to provide the best entertainment system available for their patrons and guests. After extensive consultations with Mr Brendan Bates, the Club’s Operations Manager, the team from RAV & Streamvision designed and installed an IPTV system that surpassed the Club’s expectations as not only was the picture quality a huge improvement from the existing analog system, the fact that every screen could also be used for digital advertising provided a lucrative opportunity.

With the Streamvision system you can schedule TV programs in advance as well as create “in house” digital advertising to see more of the venues products and services. With the Streamvision software, it is even possible to combine live vision with a venues advertising on the one screen.

Brendan Bates elaborates on the advantages of this to his venue; “When we were looking at IPTV solutions it was obvious there was only one solution that suited our needs. The team from RAV & Streamvision were able to supply and install a system that not only produces stunning results but comes with a easy to use software package that allows our Marketing Department to target every individual television with tailored signage to suit the clientele who frequent that part of the Club. Previously our on screen advertising was restricted to two channels and lacked the clarity & vibrancy to attract patrons to focus on the message we were trying to provide. Now that we have the ability to combine live vision and advertising on every screen we are able to promote our products and services whilst delivering market leading entertainment”.