New designer Jet Planks

Created for the design and specifier market, Enigma, Metrics and Classic Twill feature an overlay of both strong and subtle patterns, combined with added carpet texture they form a range of tactile driven carpet planks, each with unique design inspiration.

Designed to work harmoniously with other beautiful interior finishes, Metrics, Enigma and Classic Twill are crafted here in Australia for installation across all commercial market segments. Without compromising durability, these new ranges feature a contract extra heavy duty grading.


A multi-dimensional product observing the concepts of ‘plane geometry’, Metrics draws inspiration from the fundamental science of forms and mathematical rules that have been used for centuries in architecture and art.


There is simple beauty in mystery that does not require a resolution. The labyrinth of Knossos in Crete is part myth, part unsolved architectural mystery that continues to fascinate those seeking to separate fact from fiction and bring understanding to the enigmatic.

Classic Twill

An off the rack or made-to-measure modern variation of tweed, Classic Twill is inspired by its traditional association with informal outerwear designed to withstand harsh rural climates.

Godfrey Hirst