Axolotl Stone

Axolotl Stone is a new lightweight surfacing treatment that revolutionises how natural stone can be used in architecture and design. The stone sheets are extremely flexible allowing stone to be used in unique designs at a fraction of the cost of solid stone.

The genuine stone veneers are derived from natural slate and quartzite slabs. Each piece is unique and showcases the inherent beauty, texture and lustre of natural stone. The raw split surface of the slate and the interchanging colours of each stone layer are unique, meaning no two pieces are alike.

Axolotl stone veneers are available in a selection of 21 different finishes, and in two styles: Axolotl Stone and Axolotl Flex Stone. Both stone veneers are ultra-thin at 1-3mm thick, they can be curved to a convex or concave profile, and can be bent to a minimum 20cm radius in some stone types depending on the grain direction.

Axolotl Stone can be applied over nearly any solid substrate including concrete, metal, plywood, fibreglass, MDF, MasoniteĀ®, door skins and cabinetry. And most importantly it is easy to work with using standard woodworking tools, sealers and adhesives.

By using Axolotl Stone in place of natural stone, we save more than 80% of natural resources in the form of stone, sand and cement and leave a smaller environmental footprint.Ā And Axolotl Stone panels weigh up to 20 times less than that of a solid stone object of the same size, making them easier to transport and handle.