BCEC expand their MA dot2 inventory

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre has taken delivery of three MA Lighting dot2 core consoles and two dot2 fader wings.

The dot2 consoles and wings have been installed into the BCEC Grey St Building; five levels of new meeting space, including two auditoria.

Preconfigured lighting states have been programmed into each console to enable ease of use by the venue’s technical operators.

“The dot2 consoles are very powerful in a compact package allowing our LX Operators the ability of going to the next level for special shows,” commented Athol Sargood, Senior Lighting Technician at BCEC.

These consoles add to the BCEC’s purchase of a dot2 core and a dot2 XLF in 2016 for use in the Sky Room and Boulevard Room allowing BCEC to present four event spaces exclusively controlled by MA dot2 plus a mobile option as the lighting department moves to MA lighting control throughout the Centre.

“These consoles have been well received by all AV crews as being user friendly and reliable,” added Athol. “The wings are a smaller footprint which will make for a more efficient Op area leaving more room for video and audio equipment. BCEC hope to purchase another dot2 and wing in the near future.”

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