Project Team

design: Kristy McGregor


carpet: Custom carpet by Korda Bros
furniture: BSeated Global
lighting: Tudo and Co

The clients really wanted to re-instate some of the old Art Deco charm of the pub that had been lost through various renovations over the years. There were lots of small, pokey , dark spaces and some of the original beautiful details like ovesized windows, feature glazed doors and open fireplaces had been built over and hidden from view. It was important to open up these spaces, enhance the original form of the building and bring back some of the natural light and views into the spaces to make a really comfortable place for people to enjoy fine pub food and an extensive wine list.

The central bar really needed to be the hero of the space both aesthetically and functionally. Before the re-planning the main bar was insignificant within the space. The owners really wanted the different spaces within the Hotel to relate back to the main bar. The new bar, sports bar, lounges, dining areas and outdoor terrace all required easy access to a large central bar to order food and beverage.

There was a strong Nautical/Art Deco theme within the hotel and this was reinforced through the selection of new materials and colour choices. The designer really wanted the original details of the building to be exposed. They removed a modern bulkhead from the ceiling to expose the original beams and cornice details.

Nautical: Blue Leather banquettes, Dark Blue Painted walls to half height, Large scale boating artwork
Art Deco: Chevron carpet, Nautical Artwork, Brass fixtures and Fittings, Marble table tops, Custom Art Deco furniture

The custom carpet ties the concept together and provides a bold design statement against the simplicity of the other materials used in the renovation.

Lighting wise there is lots of brass and chrome details that relate back to the Art Deco character of the Hotel.

The blue painted band on the walls helps to tie all the spaces together in a simple way. The signage was also an important feature. A lot of time was spent coming up with the right font and colour for the signage to tie the theme of the Hotel together.

Bentwood Bar Stool

750mm seat height
Suitable for indoor use only
Furniture Material Wood

BSeated Global