Graph-i-Line 40

Graph-i-Line 40 is a newly conceived versatile and powerful architectural LED fixture that enables an endless layout of patterns and graphics display with an optimal pixel resolution. Mounted on large surfaces, this very high impact waterproof LED bar is capable of reproducing almost any visual concept, screening video-footage or displaying a boundless layout of graphic patterns.

The independent control of each LED is enhanced by a choice of either a clear or an opaline diffuser for a direct view optical selection that can meet a huge variety of lighting design prerequisites.  Self addressing software, remote firmware update, integrated electronic driver and full digital control over all functions are further evidences for a state of the art product packed with technology.

Moreover, this plug&play unit is available either with a standard DMX 512 channel protocol, that can manage up to 2048 channels. Graph-i-Line 40 is bound to exceed the architectural lighting sector limits, supporting show lighting designers for the stage and touring applications with stunning video effects.

ULA Group